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The world’s second shortest play

Zoo Vistor #1: Look at that camel! I don’t believe how much is piled on her back.

Zoo Visitor #2: I see dirty dishes and laundry. Yuck. Is that a roll of toilet paper?

Zoo Visitor #1: No, it’s her grocery list. Also, look at those unreturned library books!

Zoo Visitor #2: Is that a parking ticket sticking out of Mary Poppins?

Zoo Visitor #1: Probably, but it’s hard to tell with all of those papers sitting under the computer. Looks like rubrics for about 10 lengthy and involved school projects for her multiple calfs.

Zoo Visitor #2: It’s like reading a shaggy, mammalian I Spy book! I see a bottle of antibiotics, Halloween costumes, and what was that sound? Did she…?

Zoo Visitor #1: No, that was her phone on vibrate.

Zoo Visitor #2: Her legs are trembling.

Zoo Visitor #1: A bit. I think she just added something to the calendar that’s stuffed between her humps. Looks like a PR lady is wedged in there, too. I hope she doesn’t suffocate.

Zoo Visitor #1: Such a shame!

Straw: Hi! What are we looking at?

Zoo Visitor #1: That ridiculous camel. She just shifted a little and I saw some paint cans and craft supplies.

Zoo Visitor #2: Poor thing probably put them there for a reason. There’s no way she can reach them under all that other stuff.

Straw: Does she give rides?

Zoo Visitor #1: Obviously.

Straw: Even for me?

Zoo Visitor #2: Why not? You appear to be pretty light.

Zoo Visitor #1: Insubstantial, really.

Straw: Hey, can you hold me up? When the next breeze comes along, let me go. I’ve always wanted to ride on a camel.


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