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The transformative power of 365 days

Last year’s pumpkin-carving post.

This year: they scoffed at the pumpkin guts, they delighted in spoon-scooping slimy seeds, their pixie-noses were starch-smooth—wrinkling was so 2004. I was amazed how well our annual pumpkin-carving fest went yesterday. Aidan and Ryley took care of most of the hollowing. Tommy helped. Joel took the guts out of the bowls and put them back into the pumpkins, which wasn’t very helpful but it was cute. Sam still had issues. 2006 will be his break-out year.

It went so well I didn’t have to become too involved. While the kids were diligently working, I made two loaves of Randi’s fabulous Harvest Apple Bread. Those two loaves brought the loaf-count up to four in three days. Yes, it is that good (and I opted for nutmeg).

3 comments to The transformative power of 365 days

  • hamster

    J enjoyed putting the pumpkin guts back into the pumpkin like Joel. I did most of the carving, so when she sees the jack-o-lantern with its jagged teeth she yells “Mama!”

  • Mmmm. Sounds wonderful, the bread and the coziness of carving with kids. My kid only wanted to draw the face on this year, no scooping or carving for him. He missed out.

  • Glad the kids enjoyed carving the pumpkin. It sounds like fun

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