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The Tooth

Toothy, toothy, gleaming bright,
In the mouth of Ryley White;
What awesome force shall your end bring?
A piece of minty, waxy string!

Your pearly beauty does not fool,
A loop we fashion as our tool;
A brusque eviction, an impetuous jerk,
Will send Tooth Fairy straight to work.

A lasso is shaped and slipped around,
The string tugged taut, courage found;
Brow knit in worry, the little boy brave,
Yanks you with a swift downward wave.

A moment of silence, a moment of awe,
The flossy pendulum swung, all of us saw;
A little white treasure dangling in air,
Cheers erupt, tears erupt, all of us there.

Dancing in the starry night sky,
The Tooth Fairy smiled and breathed a small sigh;
To Ryley’s pillow she must tend that eve,
Much to his surprise, $10 would she leave!

The sweet fairy of all-things-dental,
Learned to make a list kept mental;
In future nights of toothies lost,
Have small bills in purse, keep down the cost.

Ryley looses his first tooth

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