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The rabbit lived

Annabelle bunny was here. the real Mopsy

We brought her home Friday afternoon, sneaking her past the dog to our downstairs playroom. She spent most of her weekend either in her hutch or hopping around the playroom. She felt sunshine on her silk-spun fur, impossibly soft, on Saturday afternoon when Aidan and hubby cleaned her hutch in the backyard. When our dog eats grass it’s alarming. When Annabelle ate our grass it was charming.

I can see why Aidan is so smitten with Annabelle, a dwarf rabbit with dark brown fur and extravagantly shiny coffee-hued eyes. Annabelle was very playful, batting around her ball, chewing on her toy carrot, standing on her hind legs to better sniff you, my dear. Whatta bunny.

The boys, especially Joel, loved having her around. He kept saying “nice!” as he pet her. I don’t know if he was reminding himself to be nice, or if he was thinking she was especially nice. I had the same thought as I watched our smiling kids gently interacting with her: nice.

I admit I was very skeptical when I first heard Aidan’s plea to bring her class bunny home for a weekend. I pictured sneeze attacks and poo attacks, bunny-generated and wholly unwelcome. My deepest fear was the bunny would die in our care, either by dog-induced heart attack or randomly—her number would be called. The responsibility was real. When the teacher handed her over on Friday it was with the expectation she would return alive and well. Thankfully, our weekend was blessed with health for all.

We returned her alive and well. She lived, and so did I. We may do it again.


13 comments to The rabbit lived

  • Awwww, she is cute! Glad she had a good weekend shacking up with you guys!

  • Much cuter than the rats I brought home in 7th grade. Who, by the way, somehow got out of their cage to chase my poor gerbil. All rodents made it through that weekend.

    Your post almost made me want a bunny, a bunny, oh, we want a bunny.

  • She’s so cute! I’m glad that a good time was had by all, especially Annabelle. We went to the fair last year and Kylie wanted a bunny, but we convinced her we had no good place for a bunny to live. Of course, now that we’re building a heated garage…

  • How sweet. We have a pet bunny named Early. My children adore her. Bunnies are rather low-maitenence pets too. Which is really great for me! 😀

  • Glad to hear all of you made it through the weekend! Annabelle is such a pretty color, too!

  • Russ Eldredge

    What an adorable bunny! My mom used to have bunnies, that grew up and got mean, and chased her dogs around the back yard.

    Yours looked cute, and was probably incapable of the cantankerous behavior shown by Buttermilk and Shadow (Mom’s wabbitts).

  • Tracy (tjly)

    What a sweet bunny! We have a bunch of them around our neighborhood. Glad everything went ok!

  • That photo melts my heart! Here’s a thought…keep her around to mow your lawn.

  • Kim

    Glad your bunny visit was death free!

  • She’s adorable. Glad she survived!!! 🙂

  • AmyP

    I’m so jealous! I would love to have a temporary bunny! Alas, no class pets to borrow. I will have to look farther afield.

    BTW I highly recommend daffodils as bulbs because they do so well coming back year after year and even spreading. Plus they bloom earlier than tulips. But don’t forget to post photos of your Holland showgirls when they come up in the spring!

    I used to plant bulbs when I lived in New England, and I always thought it was a perfect act of faith to take the trouble to put these wrinkled brown stones into the earth believing that after they had been frozen for months, something beautiful and green would actually rise from the spot…

  • I had a bunny once. He was a butterscotch minilop named Muppet. You already know my thing for animals . . . so I won’t bore you with my sudden inclinations to go in search of a chocolate rabbit to join my freakycat in her romps.

  • The picture is so cute! She looks like she is surveying the landscape and possibly planning a little mischief for the weekend!

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