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The kindness of strangers

Where is the train to the city? choo choo

Where do we buy tickets?

How do we buy tickets?

Oh, in this machine?

Just put in the $4.00? Here? Look at it suck up those dollars!

Now that we have tickets to ride, where do we go?

Through the turnstyle? Over there? Put the ticket in the slot? Like this? No?

Oh, like this.

Go down the stairs to the platform.

There are two trains and meaningless signs. Which train do we take?

The one on the left? I was thinking it was the other train, I am glad I asked.

Wow, the train is fast! I hope we don’t miss our transfer stop to the subway!

Watch the map, you’ll see it coming and have 2.5 seconds to get off with your luggage.

Dooropendoorslamshut, the urban version of a gator.

Now what? Do you see the sign to the Red Line? Up? Down? Oh, down, then up, then down. Then down. How deep are subway tunnels, anyway? Any crocodiles? Hee hee.

We are getting close. I think.

Oh, you are getting off at the same stop? We can follow you? Thank you!

Look, there is light. Climb toward the light, do you have your suitcase, do you need help?

It’s bright. Let me get the map out. What street is this? There’s a McDonald’s. No we can’t go there now.

Walk, walk, walk, whoops, hurry across the street, a Bentley dealership?

I see the hotel’s awning. Right there. Over there! It’s green, across the street. Right there. Straight ahead! It’s green and it is sticking out. See it? We are close! Hang in there. See it?

When we leave we’ll do it all again, but in reverse. It will be so much easier.

But not as much fun.

5 comments to The kindness of strangers

  • What a time you had! That brings back wonderful memories–we lived in downtown Chicago early in our marriage.

  • You are so brave, what an adventure!

    That pic of Aiden is so cute.

  • Oh my gosh..that doesn’t sound very relaxing!!!

  • goslyn

    Wow, that reminds me of my trip to London when I studied abroad. I arrived at Heathrow, planning to take the underground into London proper. I had a TON of luggage, but figured I would be ok, becuase everyone has escalators, or elevators, or something, right? Wrong.

    Many, many strangers had to help me carry my luggage up and down flights of stairs, because that’s the only way to access the underground.

    I was so thankful for strangers that day.

    Sounds like an exciting start to your weekend. Can’t wait to read more.

  • chilihead

    LOL! That sounds like ANY of my traveling adventures. Glad I’m not alone!

    I have to say, though, I’m really looking forward to having those adventures with my kids some day. You’re so lucky to have that time with your daughter.

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