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The Hotel Lifenut

Last night I stopped by Aidan’s room on the way to bed. She falls asleep every night with her music on and I wanted to turn it off. Her door was cracked. This notecard was balanced on her doorknob:

mystery number

I showed it to hubby, who was standing nearby. He didn’t know what “704” meant. My first thought was maybe she assigned herself that room number. I entered her room and noticed she was sleeping with April Rabbit on her head. I shut off the music and removed the rabbit, which startled her awake. I thought it was a good opportunity to ask what 704 meant and she grogiliy answered “it’s a number…”

Hubby had gone to our room and I could hear him laughing as I walked in. He said he knew what 704 meant. She left this notecard on his pillow:

numbers to the rescue

Though not exactly sure which coloring book she is missing, we do know where to return it. To room #704.

With love.

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