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The dusk of dusk

What is a boy to do when he’s apple blossom-new but the world is growing older by the sunbeam? That’s the dilemma of the late-summer born baby. There isn’t much time to become acquainted with bright warmth and summer smells.

Teddy took his first stroller stroll around his neighborhood, guarded by an entourage which transforms the widths of sidewalks into a grand boulevards. He slept through the parade. I documented the walk because it’s one he won’t have a chance of remembering.

After school afternoons are always claimed by homework done with a side of pretzels to munch. Then there is dinner, barely eaten because of all those pretzels. Last night, it was still light and warm after we ate our huevos divorciados. We snapped open the stroller and set off.

The moon went dutch with us. It chipped in half.

It was the dusk of dusk.

As we walked, we noticed a neighbor with binoculars aimed at a tall tree. We stopped to squint at the tree. The neighbor offered her binoculars.

The photo doesn’t do any favors for the owl we saw with the borrowed binoculars. It was enormous. Aidan named it Georgia the Owl. I think that name is too gentle for what it had in mind for the night. Grendel the Owl, perhaps.

We stopped a lot on our walk. Maybe next time I should ask if everyone wants to go on a stop after dinner?

Get your shoes on, we are going on a stop! In between stopping, we will walk a bit until something captures our eyes.

9 comments to The dusk of dusk

  • This is pure loveliness. You captured the mood, the light, the wonder of it all. Also, Gemma has the same shoes as Bea. The toes are already scuffed to bits.

  • Great picks! By the time we finish homework and dinner at our house it is usually about 7pm and time to get ready for bed. Oh, but I love those nights when we actually have time to spend as a family and, just maybe, go outside for a little while.

  • Mom

    I’m glad Teddy,albeit, asleep was able to meet the neighborhood. It looks like it was a beautiful evening with some surprising sights that excite the imagination. Moments like these make wonderful memories for the family.

  • Oh I just love how you all fill the sidewalk!!! We do exactly the same – if you want to pass us by you will have to squash and squeeze and you will have to chat and you will be engaged!!! I love the photos from your “Stop” … we do a lot of stopping ourselves!!! Have a fun weekend!!!

  • Ah, those late-summer born babies. I took Addie on a walk through the orchard today to smell the apples. She wasn’t impressed.

    Your photos are just gorgeous.

  • I loved this post. We’ve had a tradition of walking every night for a long time around here. It’s one of my favorite parts of my day. I look forward to when there are more kids and we can still walk and stop and enjoy the sights.

  • What a beautiful “stop,” even more beautiful by how you described it. I love that your whole family goes. It would be hard to keep everyone moving when you are so many!

  • So lovely. The pictures and your family. I love how you captured their interest, and how amazing it can be to give them that space and time to really enjoy it.

  • I love love love your blog.

    And if I haven’t said it, Theodore is divine…I kind of want to eat him up!

    Been busy with *adoption* things over at our house…so not much time to read blogs…but SO glad things are going so well and I LOVE your photography!

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