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The best from the beginning

My mom holding a squawkbox named Gretchen:

My mom and a happy, sandy toddler. Later that day, I’m sure she had to give that toddler, Gretchen, a bath. There was sand in the tub, enough to make another shoreline for another cold urban reservoir.

My mom and her two daughters. Alison in the furry pimp coat, Gretchen in the red. The back of the photo says ’75, which means ages 4 and 1—a handful, I’m sure.

I just referred to myself in the third person.

If I can take myself out of the mother-daughter dynamic for just a few minutes, maybe I’ll see her from an objective perspective. Obviously, I am biased.

I think she’s awesome, astonishing, generous, funny, strong.

In that first photo, she’s holding me.

In the second, she sits next to me.

In the third, she stands next to me.

What a lucky me.

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