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The belly and the random

This photo was taken on March 15th.


I had an OB appointment today. It was the standard weigh/pee/blood pressure/heart tones affair, with bonus bloodwork.


~BP was 100/61.

~Weight was -1 pound, bringing me to a total pregnancy weight shift of -5 pounds.

~Baby’s heart was galloping along at 153.

My next appointment will be the Big Ultrasound. We plan to peek.


Another belly photo is coming this weekend after I write about what I did last night. Hint: I was backstage and my hearing is still a little off. I hope the baby’s ears are okay.


Archie has 3 molars invading his little mouth, with the 4th poised to poke through. It’s a Dentalanche. As you may expect, his mood hasn’t been very sunny.


I’ve said this before, but I find it very difficult to write when I am pregnant. My creative energies are devoted to thinking about baby names and having totally wackadoodle dreams at night.

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