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That jingling sound is the gold coins in my stomach

Because that’s where this rainbow ended.


In celebration of the first day of spring, I made a cake to reflect this bright and beautiful season.


I surprised the kids after school with the news that not only had I baked a cake, but it was what we were serving for dinner!


Dessert on the first day of spring was to be pizza, later. First things first, though.


Tommy, while processing the wonderful night of rainbow cake and pizza ahead, declared, “I’ve never felt so alive!”

Very Spring of him.


If you’d like to make your own rainbow cake, go here to learn some hows. The whys are self-evident.

She made it with soda, whipped topping, and pudding (a Weight Watchers thing), but I made the cake batter per box directions and I did not double the recipe, as she suggested. It was sufficient to make a double-layer cake for the eight of us who have teeth.

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