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Thank you, Shayne!

tommy and the pie and the bubble wrap

My Texas-sized pie arrived this afternoon, via Fed Ex. The kids were beyond excited–there is something joyous about a brown cardboard box being passed from person-with-a-delivery-truck-rumbling-outside to mommy.

They huddled around as I opened the box. The first thing they spied was bubble wrap. Things promptly deteriorated into a fight over how many square feet each child would receive to pop all by themselves, without sibling help. I actually got out the scissors and cut squares of bubble wrap, ensuring that the popping portions were equal. Then I turned my attention to the pie itself, won by the graciousness of Shayne and the wager we made regarding the Broncos and the Texans game last Sunday.

I swear I heard a choir of Southern Baptists singing “Hallelujah!!” as I freed the pie from its cradle of styrofoam and mini-icepacks.

It is huge, golden, and appears to be delicious. I am thinking that it will make an excellent breakfast tomorrow morning, with a little vanilla ice cream on the side and a cup of coffee…

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