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Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

Wendy, Joanne, Heather, Shayne, Stephanie, Jane, Liesl, Goslyn/Stacey, Robin, Randi, Shannon, Inkling, Leslie, Bethany, Stephanie, Melany, Nate, Amy, Mary, Heth, Cheri, Nicki, Amblin, Bordermama, AJ, Pastormac’s Ann, jen, Rach, Suzanne Temple, Nini, JoAnn, Jenn, Rebecca, Mary, Holly, lovely, Beth, The Wooden Porch, Mrs. Lifecruiser, Martha, His Singer, Gem, Ben Wisdom, Julana, Lexie, Uncle Jim, Russ Eldredge, edj, Ben, Lisa, Ramona, Mommy Dearest/Dawn, Pamela, Pam in Colorado, TaunaLen, Tracy, stace, Stacey, sister-of-mopsy, Jennifer, Jenn E, Melanie, Janean, Jenni, misslionheart, Jessica, Kira, Romie, Ami, rae, J. Fergie, Toni, Donna W, Jen, Julie, Stacey, Shalee, Jill, marcia, Michelle, Nic, Kelley, chilihead/Melanie, Clemntine, Seabird, Kacey, Addie, Big Mama, Dana, Happi, Sarah, brghtii, Lisa,chewymom, hubby, DaddyBob, Babystepper, Antique Mommy, nutmeg, MoneyDummy, Kelly, char, Nancy, Erin, Mel, Jennifer, Megan, Jenny, Michelle-This One’s For The Girls, Laura, The Ancient Mariner, bro-de-mopsy, Traci, tjly, NTE, Kimmie, Diane, TulipGirl, Kristin, Gretchen (no, not me), maria, Lisa, Catherine, Frank Lucas, Amy Scott, Stephanie@morethanafish, Karen/Irritable Mother, Ann Kroeker, Everyday Mommy/Jules, Nell, Rebecca/Beck, Elizabeth F., Lu, vashti, Barbara H., Dot, Kristen Laurence, carol, Michelle Lynch, Anonymouse, H, Robin, Dawn/Lizzysue, Veronica Mitchell, Starr, Dianne, Milly, Gretchen (yet another Gretchen, the one with seven boys), chickadee, Valerie, Carrie@ Three-Girl Circus, Gayle, deb, Phyllis, Jodi, darthulianne, bubandpie, Amy Wood, Claire in CA, Sharon, flipflop, distybug, Tammy, Jenny from Chicago, AprilMay, Rachael, JustBeachy, Demeter, Lynn, Marie, Natalia, Ruth MacCarthaing, Mrs. Nehemiah, Tooz, Neighbor Jane Payne, Simply A Musing Blog, Merrie, Aimee/Greeblemonkey, Laurie, Kiki, Kathryn, Beckie, Johane, Megan@SortaCrunchy, Mel, Michelle at Scribbit, allison, onemotherslove, Ann, bee, judy, Katrina, Rhonda (Mimi), Mary@notbefore7, dcrmom, Tamara, Tara, Chelsea, Jeni, Barbara, Sarah, JustRandi, Terri, Jill, ShackelMom, Naomi (Urban Mummy), misty, Someone Being Me, jenna, jellyhead, Jenny, andie, Heather, The G-Ma, Julie, Anna, ice cream, Sarah @ Real Life, Jennifer, patois, kim, Sonja, meredith,Laura, rae, Pattie, Tabitha, Mrs. Brownstone @ XBOX Wife, Debs, Richard, Melissa, JCK, Amber, mom2boys, Jason of Kim & Jason, Kim of Kim & Jason, Amanda, Lisa@Take90West, SB, Kat, Aubrey, Mommaofmany, Lari, kimi, Nap Warden, courtney orrange, Ellen, Sara, Mrs. Shannon H., Paula, Fey, kelli lu, rimarama, Vanda.

Thanks to every person who commented here since last Thanksgiving.

Not everyone in the list has a blog or left a link. Others haven’t updated their blogs in months—but I added the links anyway.

I got this idea from another blog, who did the same thing when her blog had its anniversary. It was one of those things where I clicked on a link. Then clicked on someone from their blogroll. Clicked on someone else. Clicked again. I have no idea how I ended up there. If someone has an idea, let me know. I have a hat I want to tip.

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