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These simple days

I sat down to eat lunch with Teddy, who at newly-four is brimming with observations and ideas.

“Let’s talk about chickens,” he suggested.

I nodded because I had just taken a bite of my one millionth hot dog and couldn’t scream yes.

“Some chickens are white. Some chickens are black. Some chickens are […]

Oh yes it’s great to be an engine

Yesterday, we took our three little guys to A Day Out With Thomas at the Colorado Railroad Museum. We had so much fun watching them have a blast with one of their favorite heroes. It wasn’t our first visit with Thomas and Sir Topham Hatt and I hope it won’t be our last.

I […]

How to Make a Fun and Easy Mario and Luigi Cake

Teddy had a very difficult time deciding what kind of cake he wanted for his fourth birthday. He swung from Thomas the Tank Engine to Mario Kart to Oscar the Grouch. He even proposed incorporating all three into a complicated and bizarre cake where trains, Italian plumbers, and grouches live in harmonic world of sugar, […]