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Little blasts of a deep connection

Ollie had another strange breathing/croupy/wheezing attack, so I called the pediatrician the moment they opened yesterday and made an appointment. Ryley asked if he could come. His motives were ulterior (he had money and suspected I’d end up at a store) but I was glad to have him join us.

It’s odd being out […]

What they didn’t learn

The 2013-14 school year is officially over without a single tear shed by anyone. I used to cry on the last day of school, but didn’t this year. The closest I came was the night before Sam’s last day of 8th grade, when I was suddenly seized by a vision of him on his second […]

Saturday Siblings ~ The Teenagers

Here’s another imperfect photo, but I still love it. Aidan is blinking, Ryley’s hair looks like a LEGO minifig wig, and Sam is being simply Sam. They are my three oldest, born within three years, and I wouldn’t change one thing about them. The photo was taken during our recent trip to Elitch Gardens. I […]