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Saving Saving Mr. Banks

A few years ago, I paid Tommy and Joel 50 cents each to watch Mary Poppins with me. I knew they’d love it. They didn’t know they’d love it. It was the easiest bit of coin they’ve ever made. One viewing and you’re hooked. The songs, the humor, the animation, the story—all click together so […]

Time Lords: Fathers and Sons Rule in “About Time”

Pip pip cheerio lads, chaps, and you. I love British films, British TV, British people. Evidence includes numerous viewings of Notting Hill and Love Actually whilst quoting lines in my noggin and cheering on the characters, even though I know what’s going to happen. Also, the way they pronounce “orange juice” is charming. O-raunj juice. […]

“Gravity” is A Space Movie That’s Not About Space

“Gravity” could have taken place on the top of Mt. Everest, or on the ocean floor. It’s not about space. The story told in “Gravity” is sweetened and deepened by being set in space, however. It’s a character, too, a metaphor for every type of vast emptiness and cold incomprehensible hostility aimed at human fragility. […]