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Big Hero 6 is a Smart, Sweet Family Must-See

Prepare to fall deeply in love with a balloon. You’ll want to pounce, hug, bounce, and give many, many fist bumps to Baymax (voiced by Scott Adsit). He’s the heavily-featured robot in commercials and trailers for Big Hero 6, which opens everywhere tomorrow. But saying Baymax is the main character is saying that Olaf is […]

“The Lego Movie” Clicks

I fully admit I watched The LEGO Movie convinced of its greatness before the first brick clicked into place. It had me in it’s pocket from the moment we saw the teaser trailer last summer. We’ve loved the humor found in LEGO Wii games, and it looked like the silly irreverence would transfer easily to […]

Time Lords: Fathers and Sons Rule in “About Time”

Pip pip cheerio lads, chaps, and you. I love British films, British TV, British people. Evidence includes numerous viewings of Notting Hill and Love Actually whilst quoting lines in my noggin and cheering on the characters, even though I know what’s going to happen. Also, the way they pronounce “orange juice” is charming. O-raunj juice. […]