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Ten signs you should have a big family

1. Noise makes you feel happily energized.

Sometimes, at dinner, it gets so loud my husband and I stare at each other in wonder. Mindful the Queen of England would be horrified, we encourage taking turns when conversing. But we don’t expect all eleven of us to share in the same conversations night after […]

How to unleash your suburban child on public transportation

1. Realize your child needs to be at a certain place multiple times for many days in a row. Driving the child is either not possible or not on your list of awesome ways to spend 80 minutes each day.

2. What about those large, shoebox-shaped vehicles with ads for musicals lumbering along in […]

99 Non-Shopping Things to do on Black Friday

1. Sleep 2. Eat leftovers. 3. Watch old movies 4. Watch new movies (“Frozen” springs to mind) 5. Adopt this really cool custom on Thanksgiving. Do the embroidery on Friday. 6. Go on a long, long, long walk 7. Make Borax snowflakes 8. Play with your dog 9. Video games 10. Board games 11. Card […]