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Love Love Love

Happy Valentine’s Day! If you love someone, and you haven’t told them in awhile, do it today. Some people love deeply, but they can’t make their mouths say, “I love you.” Some say it multiple times a day, but have trouble showing it non-verbally—not because they’re lazy beasts but because they are unsure where to […]

I Can’t Wait for the Ides of March!

It’s the next big up-and-coming holiday for moms to pounce on and strangle with handmade vintage fabric pennants. Trust me. Start fashioning your fondant bloody daggers now, or be left in the dust.

Today, I’m over at Mile High Mamas talking about holidays, motherhood, and crafts. I believe it’s important to pause, rest, and […]

Wrapping presents is dangerous business

One of the benefits of our annual sibling Christmas gift exchange is the kids learn how to wrap presents. The rest of the year, we shove gifts into colorful bags with tufts of tissue paper jutting from the top. It takes no special skill to do this. If you can load a grocery sack with […]