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Candy Land Xtreme Flamethrowing Portal Edition

Our family loves geeking out with board games. At least once a month, we host Game Day. Friends and family come over to play all the live-long day. We play with cards. We play with dice. We play party games, boys v. girls, couples v. couples, and head-to-head. We play cute stuff, serious stuff, robot […]

Tetradical ~ Geek Out in the Yard #3

In the tender hours of April 4th, before the sun’s wrinkled forehead glimmered in the east, some of the kids and I tiptoed out the front door and into the yard to witness the third blood moon of the lunar eclipse tetrad.

I suspect one of the reasons I glommed onto this little tradition […]

Springtime Fresh Ankle Robots Mean Love

About seven weeks ago, Ryley asked if he could join his school’s robotics team. We said okay. He was excited and went to a day-long kick-off event. They picked up supplies and learned the specific tasks their robot had to perform. While he was gone, I went shopping. It was a typical trip to Target […]