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Dear Denver Broncos

Nearly six months ago, I wrote a post I never published. The Denver Broncos had just won the first game of the 2015-16 season. I was ambushed by my emotional reaction. My dad’s death was still new and grief was still a mysterious intruder with a rich life of its own.

All season, I […]

Teddy thinks “smashmouth” is how he should eat bananas

Really, it’s a term used in football to describe aggressive tackling. But we’ll let Teddy continue to think he’s correct.

Did you know our family has our own fantasy football league? I wrote about The Daddy-Os, The Mama Dramas, The DaVinciCreeperSurge, The Football Freaks, The Spiny Whinies, Dave, The Tramping Turtles, The Hello Kitty […]