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Saving Saving Mr. Banks

A few years ago, I paid Tommy and Joel 50 cents each to watch Mary Poppins with me. I knew they’d love it. They didn’t know they’d love it. It was the easiest bit of coin they’ve ever made. One viewing and you’re hooked. The songs, the humor, the animation, the story—all click together so […]

Disney’s Planes: You’ve Seen it Before, But You Haven’t

I have mixed feelings about Disneytoon’s latest animated offering, Planes. The characters feel recycled from Cars and it’s readily apparent they tried to recapture the same vibe by borrowing heavily from Radiator Spring’s residents. There’s the gruff old-timer with a mysterious backstory and heart of gold, there’s the hapless and slow best friend, the love […]

How to write a movie review for a movie everyone has already seen

1. Acknowledge everyone has seen the movie being reviewed. In this case, it’s Pixar’s Finding Nemo 3D.

2. Add personal touch. Finding Nemo was first released on May 30, 2003. It was the first movie Sam saw in a theater and it scared the ever-living snot bubbles out of his core. The worst scene […]