Ancient History

Flying High at Denver’s Elitch Gardens


Late last week, we sprung a huge surprise on the kids. To them, it was a mundane Thursday school night. They expected an evening filled with with my delightful cooking, homework, and dishes. They never expected to be herded to the van to be whisked off to a mysterious fate. Gosh, I love surprises.


Winter Wonderland Found

Bright lights everywhere

I couldn’t wait to take our whole family to the Denver Botanic Garden’s Blossoms of Light this year. A few of us went last year. We had so much fun, we talked about it in March, in June, in September. The beauty, enchantment, and whimsy stuck with us long after winter sailed away. Everyone was […]

Are you going to Listen to Your Mother?


“Why start now?”

(Shoving that bad joke aside to share some great news!)

Tomorrow night, Listen to Your Mother hits Denver for the first time and I am in the cast! I’m going to read an essay I wrote, joining eleven other Colorado writers on stage as we celebrate motherhood in all its complicated, […]