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George Washington’s Turtleneck

I helped Archie dress in a George Washington costume this morning for Day of the Notables at school. He is wearing a layer of regular clothes, including grey sweatpants and a grey turtleneck. Over the base outfit he’s wearing a white lacy vintage shirt that once belonged to my mom in college, a black vest, […]

All Hail Halloween 2014

I’m a little late to the Halloween photo share fest. There is not one Elsa or Olaf in the bunch. We seemed to have an animal-oriented holiday this year. Six out of the nine kids dressed up with four of them saluting our furry or feathered friends. From youngest to oldest:

Ollie wore the […]

A Helpful Heart is It’s Own Reward, Unless You’re Five

There was a dog food disaster in the kitchen. Ollie dumped out the dogs’ dinner all over the kitchen floor. The mess was everywhere. Archie, a boy who appreciates tidiness, clucked his disapproval and told me he would fetch the broom. He took it one step further though. I thought he was going to bring […]