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Symptom Check

The first trimester is the hardest, in many ways. There is no way to know, for sure, if everything is okay in there. No window. No microphone or built-in alarm. So I must rely on symptoms to tell me everything is going okay.

Signs all is well:

Weepiness. Last night hubby went to get carry-out Mexican for us. He forgot my guacamole and it was very hard to keep from crying. I did not cry. I was choked-up, though.

Fatigue. I fall asleep on the couch every evening at about 8pm. Hubby uses an electric cattle prod to herd me into bed around 9pm. I wake up around midnight and can’t get back to sleep until 3am, or I wake up at 3am and don’t feel sleepy until 6am, which is when I have to get up.

Frequent potty trips. Yesterday we were house hunting (that’s all I’m gonna say) and I had to use the facilities in one of the houses. Five houses later, I was doing the potty-dance again. This time, it was an empty house with no toilet paper. I had to wait until we got home, which was misery.

Heightened sense of smell. Everything is stinky. While house hunting (this time, I mean it, that’s all I’m gonna say) many of the houses made me nauseated with their potpouris, candles, air sprays, etc. Some of the houses smelled like a million roses somehow crawled there to die. At the last house, I had to step outside because the brand new carpeting smelled so horrifying I thought I might faint.

Signs (or lack thereof) that are worrisome:

Morning sickness. I haven’t had any. I didn’t have any with Tommy or Joel, either, but I still take it as a good sign. Wishing for just one frantic, running trip to the toilet whilst holding my hair back.

No increased appetite or cravings. Usually, by now, I am hungry all the time and craving oddball foods. I had a brief, fleeting craving for loathesome cottage cheese one night, but that has been the extent.

I begin my seventh week tomorrow. The mystery of what is happening inside of me is both beautiful and frustrating at the same time. I pray for our little one’s health, growth, and safety, and I pray for my own peace of mind. Sometimes I have a sense that all will be fine. But sometimes I find myself on shakier, unsure ground, swallowed by worries seemingly beyond my control.

Oh, for a little window inside.

7 comments to Symptom Check

  • holly

    could you have a beta hcg drawn to check your numbers? when i got pregnant with this one after losing the last, that was the first thing i requested. Even without prenatals starting yet, they should be able to do that at least…. Oh and as an aside~~ we did an ultrasound yesterday and after 4 boys, it appears we are having another girl. This will make 2 girls and 5 boys WOO HOO!

  • mopsy

    I never asked for an hcg level when I first found out I was pregnant. I wasn’t sure I was going back to the same OB/midwives office that “cared” for me during my miscarriage. I was terribly unhappy with their bedside manner. Ultimately I made an appointment there, but it isn’t until June 23. I am hoping they do an u/s that same day and not make me wait any longer.

    Congratulations on your baby girl! That is wonderful!

  • Mopsy,
    Enjoy every day of having your sweet baby in your womb! I will pray for peace of mind and that the touch of the Father’s hand gives you more security than every pregnancy symptom combined! Rest in Him, Rose

  • The other Gretchen

    I think that your heightened sense of smell is your best symptom, more trust-worthy than morning sickness. My smell and my hearing always turn “bionic” when I am pg. I have never thrown up from morning sickness, or had any super strong cravings. Good luck!

  • I am right there with you! 7 weeks this coming Friday and it would be nice to KNOW everything is okay after what happened just 3 months ago. I forget I am preggos because I am so preoccupied and because I am obviously not showing yet. It is hard to believe it is real. No morning sickness, just a loss of appetite in the morning and no real gain in appetite, which is fine by me!
    What is your boy/girl combo? We have 3 girls and 1 lonely boy.

  • mopsy

    Thanks, ladies! My boy/girl combo is nearly the opposite of yours, jasmine. I have four boys and one lonely girl. She used to pray for a sister, but now she says she wants to be the only girl in the family. The kids still don’t know. After last time, we will wait a little longer to tell them.

  • I had HORRIBLE MS with my first and none with this one. I’ve got the weepy and grumpy to keep me in check, though. 🙂

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