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Summer break haiku—week one

Where are all the eggs?
You tried to fry them outside?
Yellow patio.

Can we play Xbox?
May we please play the Xbox?
Please please please please please.

Red streaks snake down arms,
Melting sugared rivers stain:
Cursed popsicles.

Ants don’t like living
Trapped in Ziploc sandwich bags,
Even ants must breathe.

It’s nice you named them
Cutie, Star, Climby, Chompy,
and R2-D2.

Plus “George” and “Lucas”
All respectible ant names.
But ants are not pets.

They will not do tricks.
I realize you love them.
Say your goodbyes now.

Mean mommy hates ants,
One last ditch effort plea cries:

The Ziploc opens
Over a backyard dirt patch.
Farewell, little ants.

Lazy morning starts,
Dirty bare feet seem to know
Nowhere we must go!

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