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Such a mom…

Make sure, if you wash your hair, to get all the soap out.

If you get lost on a hike, stop, find a tree, and hug it. Blow your whistle really loud and stay put.

Drink plenty of water, all day long. Anytime you are by a water fountain or sink, fill your bottle.

Put your sunscreen on first, then use the bug repellent wipes. Make sure you wash your hands after using them.

Put your jeans on at night.

Check your sleeping bag before you crawl inside.

Don’t be shy! Remember, it is everyone else’s first time at camp too!

Bright and bird-early, I watched Aidan get on a big bus this morning. It is taking her to church camp up in the mountains. As a third-grader, she will only be gone for two nights and three days, but I gave her enough advice and instruction to see her through freshman year at college. Two nights, three days are long enough for her—and for me.

I’ve alluded to my weepiness. The trend continues. It never occured to me what a moment it would be to watch her stash her sleeping bag and suitcase in the cargo hold of the bus and climb on. Through the tinted windows I could see her outline as she headed to the back.

Yeah, that’s where I would have sat, too.

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