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State of mind

Here’s an interesting interactive map of the personality of each US state.

Click here.

Colorado is high in openness and conscientiousness, low in neuroticism, and right down the middle for agreeableness and extraversion. The results are based on 600,000 questionaires.

I’ll interpret my state’s results to mean we’ll obey all traffic laws while driving to the doctor to have that infected cyst removed from our rear-ends (want to see a photo?). We won’t worry what you’ll think about all this as we breezily tell you our harrowing tale whilst in line at the grocery store to buy organic cupcakes to pass out to strangers at the library charity book sale—but only for strangers who bring their own cloth bags and unfurl them with such fanfare and self-congratulation, you’d think you were in the middle of a high school football game halftime flag show during playoffs.

Agreeableness only goes so far.

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