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Spate of cakes

Banana cake. Snickerdoodle cake.

Don’t forget the buttercream.

I’ve been baking like a woman who has kids celebrating birthdays. I thought I’d share how I spent our flour, eggs, sugar, and cinnamon like they were going out of style. These precious commodoties came together in two different cakes.

Teddy turned 1 on August 23rd. I mentioned in his birthday post that his theme was bananas. I made a two-layered banana cake with a thin coating of Nutella in the middle. I frosted it with classic buttercream. This is the recipe I used. The cake was moist, light, and had the flavor of banana bread without the sticky heaviness.

Banananananana Cake

Beatrix celebrated her 5th birthday with a sunflower-themed cake. She loves Plants vs. Zombies. Originally, she wanted a zombie cake, but I am from the school of thought that 5-year-old girls should never have zombie birthdays. You should at least be 41. She was thrilled with how her cake turned out. I’m pretty happy, too.

I used the same recipe I used to make her cake last year—Scribbit’s Snickerdoodle Cake. I made a chocolate buttercream, mostly so the sunflower’s faces could be brown. Plus? Chockit.

Sunflower Cakes for Beatrix's 5th Birthday

To make the petals, I frosted Pepperidge Farm Milk Chocolate Milano cookies with yellow royal icing. It hardened quickly, so I didn’t have to arrange sticky cookies around the cakes.

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  • Shayne

    First of all, you are my hero. When our first child turned 1, I quickly decided that birthday cakes are something we would outsource, as I have absolutely no talent in the area of cake baking and decorating.

    Second, notwithstanding what I just said about my lack of talent, I want to make that snickerdoodle cake! It sounds delicious!

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