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Solving a sweet mystery ~ Week 4

We returned from our getaway to Estes Park and the YMCA of the Rockies with mountain-dirtied laundry for 10 people and exhaustion. I needed a vacation. We spent Monday being quiet and boring.

The rest of the week featured easing back into life and trying to stay cool during a record-breaking string of high temperatures. Two days heralded all-time highs of 105 degrees.

In an effort to stay cool and get the kids off their newly-lazy bums, we went to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science one day. The next, we found out the sex of our new baby! Mystery, solved. Now, when my kids kiss my belly we talk about baby brother

Tommy had his post-op follow up with the surgeon. He’s fully released to do any crazy thing he wants.

Girl in the Moon

Archie, discovering a new and distant galaxy

Sizzling, dry, still beautiful Denver

Much more pleasant than the real desert Southwest

Missing the concept of the totem pole: No outstretched arms allowed

Archie and Teddy could have spent all day playing here

Mr. Baby says "Hi!" with his little badger hand

A surgeon's waiting room


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2 comments to Solving a sweet mystery ~ Week 4

  • Love your photos. So excited about the new baby boy! Even moreso can’t wait to find out his name…


  • Such awesome photos, love the one of Denver, and laughed at the surgeon’s office at children’s hospital. I’m okay if I never see that place again. But I would have preferred going there instead of driving to Fort Collins to get Hilary’s post-op stitches taken out.

    Oh, and congrats on the little Mister.

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