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So fresh and arch in the middle of March*

Nine Photos Featuring Shades of Green

Irish-named Aidan at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Denver, this past Saturday. Her name means “little fire” and it fits. A girl with a boy’s name has to be tough.


Joel and Sam watching the parade.


Beatrix loved the parade. She waved and screamed “Hi!” to all the entries we saw, especially the Shriners in their wacky cars.


It wouldn’t be a parade without 17 miles of old convertibles.


When you have a birthday right before St. Patrick’s Day, expect to have clovers on your cake. My husband’s cake was no exception:


My new green plate from Target:


This morning, I noticed how the cloudy diffused light from last night’s snow storm whispered through my green glass birds on the living room table.


Crayola’s window markers have saved the day many times this winter. The kids love writing and drawing on the windows. Here’s a clover with our snowy yard beyond.


The last shade of green is from a pine tree in our front yard. We woke to this snow. I am done with snow. It can stop now.


*~Alfred Percival Graves

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