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Slamming on the brakes ~ Week 2

After our first week of summer break got off to such a fast and beautiful start, I thought for sure Week 2 would feature more of the same: Plenty of time outside, romping, popsicle eating, sun-soaking, more romping. The week started out that way ~ pure Colorado summer splendid.

There was popsicle eating…at home…and in the post-surgical recovery room. On Thursday, Tommy was diagnosed with appendicitis. He is fine now. The whole scary, crazy, surprising development helped me remember several truths.

Tommy is one of the bravest kids I know. He was a rock. I am so proud of him.

I am not in control.

We have many awesome friends and family who prayed for Tommy—and for the rest of us. Thanks to all of you.

Gnarled tree, Morrison Park

Beatrix runs at Red Rocks

Hiking the trail at Red Rocks

Favorite color: Luigi

We have a man down ~ Appendicitis ~ Before surgery

Helicopters flew directly outside Tommy's window ~ Helipad on roof above!

After successful surgery, rest rest rest and more rest

~My favorite moment of the week~

I plan to write about the appendix experience. I’ve been asked how we knew to take him to the doctor. What were his symptoms? It starts like a seemingly-minor tummy bug but morphs into something far worse, quickly.



Summer Break 2012, Week 1

2 comments to Slamming on the brakes ~ Week 2

  • Melanie

    So sorry to hear about the appendicitis! Gla your son is home and on the mend. I have loved your summer posts so far. After your last, I took our brood to check out Lookout Mountain. Looks like we’re off to see Red Rocks next! Perhaps we’ll be a week behind you all summer. Hope there is less excitement for you in the coming week.

    • Gretchen

      How fun! There are so many great places to explore around here, right? BUT, please don’t decide Children’s Hospital would be a cool place to visit. As a building and medical facility, it’s pretty astonishing. Stay away, though. Thanks for the comment!

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