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She is the one on the right in the short, wavy wig. That’s me with the long blonde hair. As the big sister, I naturally got to pick the best wig for dress up. As the big sister, I got to do a lot of things first and I could always feel her frustration.

Maybe that is why when she was only two she was jumping off the high dive (and doing flips). Maybe that is why she never seemed to get hurt. I will never forget watching her ride down a dirt hill next to our house on our Big Wheel. The front wheel popped off and she did a head-plant and multiple sommersaults all the way down. She stood up, dusted herself off, threw the Big Wheel in disgust, but didn’t shed a tear—she was only about four years old. Her nickname was Spike.

Happy Birthday to my little sister, who was always big in my eyes (except when it came to a certain blonde wig and my delusions that I looked like the Bionic Woman when I wore it).

3 comments to Sister

  • sister-of-mopsy

    Awhhhhh, you’re so sweet, thanks sissy! I look so shabby sheik! And I just love your brown bangs!!! You would also get to wear the Scarlet O’hara blue ball gown and I had to wear the less fabulous green one! But, I’m not bitter… really. 🙂 We were fashion divas even at the age of two and five.

    Love you!!! Spike.

  • Happy birthday Mopsy’s sis! 🙂

  • mopsy

    Oh yeah…the big blue ballgown. Sorry you got stuck with the green and yellow cocktail dress. Still, it had a certain appeal. Imagine if we could get our hands on those dresses today. Too bad we massacred them via stains, rips, and other diva-like behavior. All the vintage dress devotees on ebay would drool.

    I hope your birthday is going well…

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