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Sesame, Sesayou

My husband and his siblings had the Fisher Price Sesame Street.

It’s vintage 1975 and I got to play with it recently. I didn’t have the Fisher Price Sesame Street when I was a child. I had the Fisher Price parking garage, every little girl’s dream. I also had the jet, but no airport. I am not bitter.

So I played.

Ernie and Bert have been roommates since 1969. One dreams of a duck, the other of pigeons.

I can’t help but wonder if B E was meant to be read as Be.

There was no Grover figurine, but he was given his own PBS show, technicolor on a big box TV. All that’s missing are the rabbit ears.

Mr. Hooper/Hopper/Looper/Blooper was alive.

Dinners were balanced. I see a pork chop, spinach, and mashed potatoes. The silver is laid out nicely on a crisp napkin.

Not everyone has manners on Sesame Street.

Luis was just beginning to fix the toasters of the neighborhood. ¿Por qué los tostadores siempre roto en Plaza Sésamo?

My mother-in-law saved this miniature Sesame Street so her grandchildren could play with it someday. But they lived 450 miles away, so Cookie Monster and Big Bird and Susan were rarely seen. But recently, my in-laws moved to the Denver area. In fact, they bought a house around the corner and down the street from our house.

Someday is here.

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  • 1. my cousins had Sesame Street. We had the dollhouse, but the doorbell broke. I REALLY wanted the school because it had the cool mini chalkboard.
    I’m not bitter either… 🙂
    (my cousin also had the Six Million Dollar Man whose skin rolled up so you could pop out his bionics. VERY cool!)

    2. grandparents in walking distance trumps EVERYTHING!


  • Amy

    Oh, my gosh! I had this when I was a child. It was one of my favorite things to play with. I have never met anyone else who had one. I’m pretty sure my mom gave mine away along with everything else from my childhood.

    I can remember getting in trouble for picking the foam “mattresses” off of Ernie & Bert’s beds. My mom was not happy about that.

  • amy

    I still have mine, but the kids do not love it the way I did. My question is — what is that ladder for?

  • I am always so excited when I hear about grandparents living near or moving near their grandkids. It makes my heart happy. How wonderful for them, for you, and for Bert and Ernie.

  • s.lange

    so very happy for you, for you kids, and for the grandparents – what a blessing for you all!

  • edj

    How lovely to have the grandparents nearby! 🙂 And I never had the Sesame Street either. I was quite toy-deprived 😉

  • GACK! I saw Mr. Hooper on Facebook and had to come investigate. I had no idea such a thing even existed, and now I am extremely jealous.

  • That is SO cool! We didn’t have that…but the picture of Bert & Ernie reminds me of a latch-hook wall hanging of them, just like that, that was in the bedroom I shared w/ my brother when we were very young. We would pull the toy chest over in front of it and play weatherman, using Bert and Ernie as our weather map. 🙂

  • Heee, My kids play with my fisher price all the time!!! I had the plane and the village… and the houseboat!!! I loved the houseboat and have no idea where it went!!! So cool to have grandparents right there!!! Lovely and special!!!

  • Melanie

    So wonderful that the in laws moved closer! The kids will make amazing memories I’m sure. And like you I had only the parking garage and the jet. Happy Day!

  • What a treasure!!! Totally takes me way back. I had the Richard Scarry town- remember that?


  • My mom still has all of our FP toys. My boys LOVE playing with “Nana’s special toys” when we visit them (300 miles away). She’s got the parking garage, village, hospital and barn and you’d think my boys were in Heaven when they drag everything out!

  • Gretchen (the other one who now has fewer children than you)

    My cousins had this too! I grew up loving Fisher Price. My sisters and I have many many sets, though we could tell you just exactly what we are missing LOL. My best friend had a camping set where the camper roof turned into a boat, and a circus train; my much younger cousin got a western town set that I still wish I could get my hands on LOL. My favorite set of all was the Castle with the pink dragon. (I did have the airport, btw, as well as the airplane that came by itself, so two jumbo jets!)

    A word to the wise, the set might not make it through another round of kids. Mine went to my kids in excellent condition, but they love playing with them, and they are not so excellent anymore. Oh, and do you still have foam on the beds? All of the foam on all of the many beds I have are all disintegrated and gone.

    And just my opinion here, but I never ever ever choked on those little people, and neither did my children, and I don’t think the newer version of giant little people has the same appeal at all. And the new sets don’t have the awesome detail in the paper lithographs anymore, which was also a feature I loved. I’m glad your kids are enjoying their “new” set!

  • That is so neat! I would have loved that when I was a kid. Or to have it for my kids now. And what a treasure to have grandparents close by now.

  • i loved these on instagram, now hearing the whole story is pretty amazing. toys now aren’t like this, design wise and the attention to detail and the whole city and mr. hooper and all of it. just so cool. (also, the grandparents living close — very cool.)

  • If there was ever a photo shoot designed for Instagram….

    I didn’t know Little People came in Sesame Street flavor either. Maybe that’s because, growing up in a conservative household in the mid-70s, we didn’t watch Sesame Street. Some of the children on the show were known to dance, after all.

    (My parents got over that rather quickly, for the record. Sesame Street was a staple for my younger siblings. Alas, the trials of the oldest.)

    My kids LOVE playing with my old Little People house, though. The blue foam beds, the stairs the are detached with a closet underneath…. Old school, indeed.

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