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Second post regarding pregnancy #11

This time around, I am experiencing strong aversions to all kinds of food. This is unusual for me.

Consequently, trips to buy groceries entail filling the cart with Kleenex and 30 containers of yogurt and some Snickerdoodle cookie dough. Nothing sounds appealing. Dinnertime rolls around and the thought of cooking makes me teary-eyed. Thankfully, my husband has taken over mealtimes on most nights.

A few days ago, we were talking on the phone. He was at work, I was at home. He asked what I was going to make for dinner, with a note of hopeful naivete in his voice. I said I hadn’t a clue. He replied that I just don’t cook anymore.

I reminded him that the previous night I cooked dinner.

“You boiled noodles and microwaved some corn dogs.”

We said our goodbyes. I made no food-related promises.

A few hours after this conversation, Righteous Indignation smacked my forehead. Where had she been all afternoon?

My husband didn’t give me credit for the ice cream sandwiches.

19 comments to Second post regarding pregnancy #11

  • I’m not even pregnant and I can relate to this!!

    Llama Momma’s last blog post..laugh

  • I spent all three of my pregnancies in this place, horribly, horribly sick and with severe food aversions (so much that the only time I could even think about food was if I was actually hungry and knew that not eating what I was craving meant throwing up or while watching cooking shows–anything else just triggered the icky-ness again.) Sounds like time for the kids to learn to cook or to get stock in a Chinese restaurant. 🙂

    Heather Young’s last blog post..Saturday Photohunt: Water

  • You probably already know this, but pregnancies with the most food aversion and nausea are less likely to miscarry. Not that that’s really much comfort when you feel awful.

    My first pregnancy, I survived the first trimester on mashed potatoes and egg matza. Coming within ten feet of cold turkey made me want to remove my own stomach. My last pregnancy left me grossed out by scrambled eggs, an aversion that still has not completely passed.

    Veronica Mitchell’s last blog post..William F. Buckley, Jr. and the Pleasures of Pomposity

  • I am still quite iffy with many things during this pregnancy. I couldn’t even manage drive-thrus (and still really can’t) so even that didn’t help with last minute dinner plans. But funny you mention ice cream sandwiches because that is just what I filled our garage’s freezer with yesterday. : )


    Adventures In Babywearing’s last blog post..You Asked

  • That sounds like a delicious meal to me!

    Anonymouse’s last blog in coat pockets

  • You’re doing better than I did with my last pregnancy – I couldn’t manage the smell of any food in the first trimester – my poor family almost starved. 🙂

  • amy

    I’ve had strong food aversions with both pregnancies. It was ok the first time, because Rob could cook for himself. Much much harder when J needed to be fed. I went to our friends’ house many many nights for dinner because I just couldn’t face the kitchen.

  • Hugs Gretchen! Let me know if I can help. I was going to offer to come throw something in your crock pot, but ugh! I doubt you’d want to smell it cooking all day. But maybe I could bring something close to dinner? I’d love to do that for you. Pick your day.

    Joanne’s last blog post..Moms Get To Choose

  • I wonder if this food thing gets worse with subsequent pregnancies…I had no food aversions with my first, but got quite queasy with my second…Ice cream stood the test of time – throughout both pregnancies.

    Shannon (Cole Mine)’s last blog post..Four Words

  • Cogratulations, by the way!

    Ice cream was always a hit, no matter how I felt. Amazing, isn’t it? Always a place for icecream!

    katherine’s last blog planning . . . tuesday?

  • Grocery store is no place for the food averse pregnant woman. Stay away from any and all cheese
    aisles, especially in places like WHole Foods. Sorry, I mentioned cheese – I might as well have wafted it toward your nose. Sorry. I’ll stop.

    Beth – total mom haircut’s last blog post..Tennis Court Tantrums and French Onion Soup

  • Just feed the kids ice cream you will be the best momma in the world! Top with peanut butter and they have protein and a cherry and a fruit serving not to mention the dairy in the ice cream, a completely healthy meal for a pregnant woman!

    Happy Mommy’s last blog post..Nothing is worse than Pink Eye!

  • I remember all too clearly the overwhelming nausea that I felt during the first trimester of all three of my pregnancies. I’ve mentioned my Britney Spears-esque diet before, i believe. My poor husband has cooked more than his share of dinners, too.

    Rebecca’s last blog post..Jiggity Jog

  • For me, the worst part was cleaning up. Rarely did I clean up after dinner in the first trimester. I would have high hopes and then would be running out of the dining/kitchen area because if I looked at it or smelled it, it was coming back up and I fought it coming back up. And if I saw it in my boys mouths, which with boys, you often see food in their mouths!

    Oh, and I think it was you or Heth that steered me out of buying the cotton shower curtain for the boys bathroom. Thank you.

    Kristin’s last blog post..My Best Friends Baby!

  • ter

    wow, I would be elated if I was given ice cream sandwhiches (or ice cream of any format) for supper. how dare your husband not give you credit for that? lol. 😉

    ter’s last blog post..Emma VS Water Hose

  • Ann

    I’m so happy for you, so sorry you’re sick but at the same time thinking ‘Go hormones! Do your thing! Woohoo!’

    Watermelon and grapes were soothing with my first, cereal helped with my second, and Almond Joys calmed the nausea with my third child.

    I remember reading once that during the first trimester, our bodies go through the same amount of stress as if we were climbing Mount Everest! Not sure if that’s true, but I sure believe it because it sure feels like it.


    Ann’s last blog post..Patty and Luke

  • It seems unfair that in those earliest weeks of pregnancy — a time when we are given license to “eat for two” — the nausea is at its worst. Kind of a cruel joke our bodies play on us, I think.

    Hope you can stand the sight, smell, taste, thought, and mere mention of food soon!

    (P.S. I can see where your husband would hesitate to qualify noodles and corn dogs as cooking, but I agree with your righteous indignation: it became a complete and balanced meal when you brought out the ice cream sandwiches.)

  • amy

    Congrats on your sweet babe! I’m sure the aversions, though annoying, are welcomed since they are a pregnancy symptom!

    I found your blog through Lindsey over at Suburban Turmoil. And reading of your heartaches gave me the courage to share my own. Just getting it out helps some. So I owe you a thank you 🙂

    amy’s last blog post..Back to square one

  • Rachael

    This is exactly how I was in the 1st trimester. I would wander aimlessly around the supermarket with no idea of what I wanted to buy. Nothing appealed but I was definitely hungry! I also went off chocolate completely which is weird as I’m a chocaholic!!

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