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Saturday Siblings ~ The T-Bros

It’s a T thing. Too bad Sesame Street’s greatest years are behind them, because someone could write a song ala “Lowercase N” about Tummies, Tommy, Teddy and lacTose inToleranT digesTive sysTems. In a big family, the kids love to notice connections with each other. Tommy came first. He was much happier with a life free of lactose. When Teddy started showing the same symptoms, we did a dairy challenge.

T-bro milk was born. But they carried it one step further and now they refer to each other as “my T-bro.”

Tommy asked to rake leaves for the low low rate of $10 – $15. We said sure. He worked really hard battling the elements to get our front yard mostly spit-spot. But when Teddy joined him in the yard, he stopped everything to make sure his T-bro had a good time, never complaining that the piles were decimated.

When we chose Thomas and Theodore as first names, it wasn’t done with this hope in mind. They’re about nine years apart in age. But I’m really happy it worked out this way. I saluTe you, T-bros!

The T-bros

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