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Saturday Siblings ~ The Middle (school) Men

Ryley and Sam are 17 months apart. Ryley is in 8th grade, Sam is in 7th. They have a lot of the same classes at their middle school. If your brother was in your science class, wouldn’t you study with him? These guys don’t. They don’t agree on a lot, but someday they might. Middle school is a tough time. I think they find solace from the pressures of middle school drama because someone who loves them is right there. Shhhhh, mom, don’t say that! Next year, when Ryley goes off to high school, they might be surprised by how much they miss each other.


2 comments to Saturday Siblings ~ The Middle (school) Men

  • edj

    All the years we were overseas, my 3 were only a year apart even though there are 20 months between them. Elliot was nearly 6 when we moved, ready for Gr. 1 and already reading–in English–but speaking no French, so they had him repeat Kindergarten. So, for example, he’d be in Grade 8 and the twins in Grade 7. I think they liked having each other so close, although we never talked about it 😉 When we came back to the US, he went into his proper grade for his age, which was good I think as the French system is about a year ahead.

  • My 3 oldest are each a year apart (October, 3 years in a row). My girls were the first two and their relationship has its ups and downs, of course. But they are best friends. No question. And it is beautiful. The sibling relationships are such a gift to me.

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