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Saturday Siblings ~ Broken Bones Edition

One of my goals with Saturday Siblings is to demonstrate to the kids what they have in common with each other, even when they don’t realize it. A 10th grade girl and 3rd grade boy may not feel like they have much to discuss, but when they find something in common, even something weird in common, it binds them together in a unique way. Only Aidan and Joel have this claim to fame: They’ve both broken bones! Other kids have had stitches, staples, surgeries, but these two have rocked casts. Aidan broke her right thumb and right middle finger in two separate accidents. Joel broke his arm when he was a toddler. It’s also not often I catch just these two in a photo, so it’s a little old—Christmas, anyone? They both had music programs one night (at two different schools, which was a logistics nightmare) and looked very spiffy.

Intact skeletal systems ahoy!

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  • I like your reasoning behind the Saturday siblings! And the nice thing about looking back on Christmas pictures is that we can now sigh and say, we made it through January and February. Hallelujah.

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