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Saint 911

A fire engine was seen in front of the Lifenut family’s home in the early evening hours of December 5th, 2008.

At approximately 6:00 pm, three firefighters and one jolly old elf who is widely rumored to be Santa were witnessed exiting the engine and approaching the front door of the residence. Neighbors report squeals and screams emitting from the front door as it was opened by a minor who resides in the home with her large family.

The firefighters and Santa entered the home cautiously due to a near riot occurring in the living room. Nine minors danced, sang, and simultaneously questioned Santa’s presence in the living room.

An investigation has revealed the minors of the residence had been eating a pizza dinner with three young cousins who were visiting. Also in attendance were the Lifenut mother and father, and the children’s aunt identified simply as Nini.

Santa contained the excitement by telling the minors to sit. They immediately complied. They were questioned regarding their behavior in the past year. Each was forthcoming with information, and all indicated they had been good girls and boys. The mothers were asked for confirmation, which was readily given.

Once worthiness was ascertained, Santa patiently listened to eight of the nine minors’ deepest hopes and wishes regarding presents. Each child was given a tube of chocolate candies retrieved from a large furry red bag as they climbed off Santa’s knee.


The ninth minor, a curly-headed 2 year old female and a cousin to the Lifenut children, declined to sit on Santa’s knee, citing shyness and a desire to eat her pizza in the kitchen.

The three firefighters stood near the dining room table observing the friendly exchange of information. They were offered sugar cookies by the father of six of the minors. The mother prepared them earlier in the afternoon in anticipation of a possible secret Christmas Emergency.

A quick sweep of the room determined each willing minor had sat on Santa’s knee. The firefighters extended an invitation to the children to join them outside at the fire engine, which still had it’s siren lights turning blue and red. Shoes were quickly found.

One minor, a 5 year old male, was injured slightly when he ran down the driveway and slipped on ice. His mother was heard warning him not to run. The child quickly recovered when he realized Santa and the firefighters were climbing into the firetruck and waving goodbye.


The three firefighters and their jolly passenger indicated other neighborhood children would be visited throughout the evening and it was time to go. The family was observed returning inside. Speculation that the pizza was cold was confirmed, but everyone ate it happily.

(our city has a fun service each december…residents can register in a lottery to have a fire engine with santa visit their home on a designated night…this year, we were lucky enough to be one of the homes chosen…I kept it a secret from the kiddos because if there is a true emergency, of course they can’t come…plus, it is more fun that way)

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