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Run on sentences

Heth, my pal and Empress of All Which Must Be Laundered, tagged me for the “Seven Things I Always Say” meme. It’s been around since 1972 and I am just now getting it. My blog is where memes come to die. I will tag my usual victim at the end.

1. “All right! All right! That’s enough!” I never realized I said this as much as I do, until my 2.5 year old son started saying it when he was frustrated.

2. “For the love of all the fluffy puppies on the green grassy earth, flush!” Sometimes I settle for the one critical word in that sentence.

3. “I’m craving _______.” The blank has been filled in by: croutons, sunflower seeds, sharp cheddar cheese, hard boiled eggs, Coke, Quizno’s prime rib sandwiches, cheesesteaks, apple pie, cobbler, Kit Kat bars, lemonade, yellow cake with chocolate frosting, mustard, vinegar, *Ivory Soap, chili cheese dogs, guacamole, chicken salad on a croissant…

4. “Places, everyone! Places!” I am always tempted to follow it up with “Smiles! Smiles!” as a nod to Mr. Rourke and his Isle de Fantasie. When I tell the kids to get in their places, it means they need to walk in their assigned spots next to the grocery cart or stroller. Yep, they have assigned spots. It keeps them organized in a neat little shopping/walking bundle of good behavior.

5. “How do we act?” This goes along with #4. Before we go into a store, restaurant, house, or any place where running amok isn’t welcome, we go down the list of expected behaviors—no running, indoor voices, listening, staying together, no touching unless permission is granted, let’s act like a lady and a gaggle of little gentlemen. It works most of the time. Not always.

6. “If you’re bored, it’s because you are being boring.”

7. “We are all on the same team.”

I tag my husband.

*I never actually ate the Ivory Soap.

11 comments to Run on sentences

  • hamster

    places are a good idea, i like that you envision fanstasy island (the scary friday night show) as you’re issuing the command.

  • Funny! I have #4 & #5 down, too- and that’s just with two walking and one in the cart! Wow it will only get more interesting!

  • There is just something about yellow cake with chocolate frosting…

    I love number 2. Heck, they are all great. I need to try that places thing. Good one.

  • Okay this is too funny–I did my list to be published over the weekend, and your #6 is on my list almost word for word. We’re sharing a brain!

  • Stacey

    Mmmmm…yellow cake with chocolate frosting. Now why’d you have to go and mention that? Yum! One of my favorites and I haven’t had it in oh so long.

  • Kelly

    Hilarious (that would be one of mine). I LOVE #6 – I think I’ll start trying that one…

  • This brings to mind 2 teachers:

    1) Yellow cake & chocolate frosting – my 5th grade teachers’ cake yellow shirt & frosting brown pants. To this day brown & yellow clothing reminds me of that cake combo.

    2) #6 – my high school English teacher loved saying that. It’s a staple in my lexicon today.

    I may have to add the puppy saying to the line-up.

  • I like the one about being boring. I’m going to have to move that one into my top seven.

  • Ok, I LOVE number 4. I can just see them all then moving in unison when you say “Action.”

    Thank you for your comment on my last post. I appreciate it and it was very helpful.

  • LOL Love the “places” one

  • I love the “places” one too. I am going to do that with my kiddos. Of course, there are only two of them and I usually shop while they are in school but 5 days of summer and 2 trips to the store have done me in already.

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