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“Red is red. Blue is blue,” said Hush.

I was changing into my pajamas when I heard a soft knock on my bedroom door.


It was Aidan.

“What do you need?”

She said she had a question. I told her to come in. It was past her usual bedtime and she seemed shy and hesitant as she lingered in the doorway. Her demeanor set me on edge almost immediately. I was confident her question was going to be meatier than I had the fortitude to chew after a typically long, busy day.

I climbed into bed, propping myself up on pillows. If my mind couldn’t be comfortable, my body would.

“Well, I was just wondering…what is your favorite Little Golden Book?”

I laughed the laugh of a person who felt relief tickle her under the arms and the chinny-chin-chin.

I didn’t have to ponder the answer or go through my mental catalogue of my favorites. Two gems popped to mind: The Monster at the End of this Book and The Color Kittens.

It was then I noticed she was holding a book behind her back. She smiled broadly and held it up. It was The Color Kittens.

“Me, too!”

She bounded to the bed and landed next to me, pulling a pillow behind her back. I took the book and opened it to the title page.

And that’s how I read a bedtime story to my teenaged daughter.

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