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Recipe for moving

Take one retainer, a rock, enough buttons to open a quaint little button shop, remote controls for electronics no longer controllable, keys, seed packets, pen caps, postage stamps from Spain, Chuck E. Cheese tokens, dull pencil sharpeners, old batteries, crumbling rubber bands, business cards, broken digital thermometers, pacifiers, an old plastic baby hair comb, bobby pins, bent safety pins, Chapstick, Barbie shoes, barrettes, crayon wrappers, twist ties, a rubber dinosaur pencil topper, a rusty whistle, heart-shaped Post-It Notes, a lone mitten, a votive candle, a coupon for a free small ice cream cone from Dairy Queen (expired), a nametag, a key-chain flashlight, a postcard from Scotland with sheep grazing on a hillside, a knight from a knightless chess set, a bubble wand, one crocheted baby bootie, baby emery boards for baby French manicures, shoelaces, an angel figurine with one missing wing, an opened sample pack of Johnson’s absorbent nursing pads, dice, medicine droppers, yellowed comic strips cut from the newspaper because they seemed funny at the time, and eight Mr. Incredibles.

Eight is Enough

Mix with one Hefty bag.


11 comments to Recipe for moving

  • Why do you have so many Mr. Incredibles?

  • Julie (Julieand3)

    Sounds like a good Ebay auction!

  • mopsy



    X=number of Happy Meal eating children in household circa late autumn 2004

    Y=number of regrettable trips to McDonald’s

    Z=8 Mr. Incredibles

  • mopsy

    Ebay scares me, Julie.

  • hamster

    Um, I hope that postcard from Scotland wasn’t from me ; )

  • Shayne (aka doodle)

    Isn’t it amazing the stuff you hold on to for no apparent reason? Finding expired coupons really gets my goat. A free Dairy Queen ice cream — gone. Of course, you probably would have had to buy 6 others, so maybe it wasn’t such a great savings anyway.

  • Kelly

    That picture kills me!!! This sounds like my junk drawer and Molly’s toy chest – combined!!!

  • Isn’t it amazing the stuff that accumulates? Moving is so much fun (I’m being sarcastic). Good luck!!

  • mopsy

    The postcard was not from you, hamster. I don’t know who it was from or where it came from. One of the kids must have picked it up somewhere.

    Seems like such a crying shame to waste a perfectly good DQ coupon. But you are right, Doodle…one free ice cream = the need to purchase six more, so it isn’t really a value in the end.

  • JoAnn

    too funny! I could have wrote this same post back in January. Happy Moving Days! Yucko!

  • rossmomma

    I hope you did a really good job getting rid of that Hefty bag, otherwise I fear those Mr. Incredibles may just summon up the strength to follow you with the bag and its contents!

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