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I have nothing cohesive to say today. But in keeping with the whole idea of this blog (a discipline tool for me to practice writing), I have to type something. So here it goes:

This morning I was craving Starbucks. I have heard people joke that they must put something in their coffee that makes it addicting. I have never gone to Starbucks, except as a rare treat–maybe twice a year. I just don’t want to have to take the kids inside. I am lazy about it. But in the past month I have had a couple of vanilla lattes and now I can’t stop thinking about vanilla lattes. I have vanilla-latte shakes. Vanilla latte is calling to me. It must be the gateway to more hardcore stuff, like vanilla cappucino. I didn’t give in–once again, laziness ruled. Too bad teenagers today can’t be more lazy–maybe they wouldn’t be into sex and drugs so much. They would all want naps instead. Laziness keeps me from cultivating a hardcore caffeine addiction, as well as going to exercise (not a good thing) at Curves.

Now, about Curves: The Curves I go to is located in a strip mall, like many other Curves. I never gave it much thought. Then one night, as I got out of the car and headed inside, I noticed that my Curves had unusual neighbors in the strip mall. A gun shop. An “adult” video rental shop, an “Irish” pub, and Bingo. Basically, guns, sex, alcohol, and gambling…and me, jogging in place to oldies with a dance-beat, sandwiched in between. Many of you may be saying “sounds like a good time!” But I left one neighbor out: a DAYCARE. I know good daycare is hard to find, but I would chose one that didn’t share a roof with guns, sex, alcohol, gambling, and Mopsy in spandex.

Oops! There is one more neighbor that I neglected to mention: Starbucks.

2 comments to Randoms thoughts…

  • Momofmopsy

    Only in America! Keep going to Curves or the vanilla Latte’s may win! Always your Mom!

  • live4truth13

    I know exactly what corner you are talking about! You should try a block down the road at the rec center. That is where I go, and it is great! And I drive by the Starbucks on the way every day too! And did you know the Starbucks over on Youngfield is open 24 hours? We went there a lot this summer. Loved reading your blog!

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