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Thanks to the other Gretchen and Paula for tagging me with the quirky meme.

1. I am terrified of bees, lightning, and gasoline trucks.

2. I don’t like white, spongey foods: cheesecake, cream cheese, cottage cheese, tofu, feta, Miracle Whip. Ick. I can tolerate cream cheese if it is completely melted and the flavor is disguised by heavy amounts of something spicy. See the recipe in the previous post.

3. I can’t use the exposed toilet paper on a roll. I have to unroll it one layer, throw it away, and only then can I use it. If there is only one layer on the roll? A nightmare I try to avoid.

4. School Picture Day turns me into a woman far worse than the most meddling, controlling, insane, vicarious-living Pageant Mom in history. I think it’s because I did not have one decent school picture during my entire childhood. And I always buy the cheapest package because they are such a rip-off. Like I am going to spend $100 per child for pictures taken in a school gym. It makes no sense. Tomorrow is Spring Picture Day (which is crazy because when I was a kid, there was one picture day per year). I am going to do my best not to care about cowlicks.

5. I hate the word womb.

6. When I am tagged for a meme, there is only one person I pass it to.

Smooches, baby.

5 comments to Quirk

  • So what would happen if lighting struck a gasoline truck that was surrounded by a swarm of bees? End of the world I’m guessing?

    These were really fun to read.

    You have a cool camera and mad photo skills. Ditch school photos. I did last year and I feel so FREE! And little bit richer.

    Heth’s last blog post..Never Say Never

  • I hate the word “moist” and “flesh”.

    How about flan? Are you unfortunate enough to be familiar with it? It makes me shudder. Apparently it’s considered a “desert” by some people, but all I can think when I see it is “phlegm” not “flan”.

    Jenni’s last blog post..Firsts

  • I hear you on the tp thing, although not at home. If the is any coming out of the dispenser I have to throw it away. I wish my mom wouls have been more like you around picture day. It was usually the day she would decide to cut my hair herself.

    Cyndi’s last blog post..God bless Nora Jones

  • LIGHTENING! The one aspect of earth science that terrifies me to the core. So glad not to be alone in that.

    School pictures – bleh. I agree with Heth – you take awesome pictures of your kids yourself. Forget the goofy school pics and just do a shoot in your backyard.

    Megan@SortaCrunchy’s last blog post..Ducking out for a bit . . .

  • I love memes, they always reveal the most random stuff.
    So with you on the school pictures thing, every single one from my childhood is terrible so now I get all weird and wonky with pictures.

    skiplovey’s last blog post..Is this like an internet haircut or something?

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