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Questions I (still) have

What would the world look like without vaccinations?

How long would it take for diseases to spread through our population if vaccine producers halted all production tomorrow?

Do you ever make decisions for your family that are good for your family, but arguably bad for society as a whole?

If a presidentail candidate could promise peace within our borders at the expense of upheaval in the rest of the world, is that a reconcilable choice?

If a presidential candidate could promise peace in the rest of the world but division at home, is that a reconcilable choice?

Why do some people believe the wildest conspiracy theories, but when told something simple and straight out of high school physics refuse to believe?

Why do people want to believe the worst of others?

Why do women care how other women give birth?

Why do women care how other women chose to feed their babies?

Why do some think it is reprehensible for mothers to work outside the home, yet they get mad if a woman takes government assitance enabling her to stay at home?

Why is it okay for a widow to raise children as a single mother, but a single mother shouldn’t raise children as a single mother?

Is there a secret underground city beneath Denver International Airport?

Does Mexico actively encourage its citizens to cross the border illegally?

What would the world look like with universal open borders? Would it be a safer place, or more dangerous? Would relatively peaceful countries be overrun by nuts, or would the nuts continue enjoying each others company indefinately? Would peaceful people be more willing to leave their countries, filitering in to dangerous hot spots?

Limited or unlimited atonement?

How can Christianity be so simple yet so complex at the same time?

If evolution is true, shouldn’t we welcome climate change, the fluxuation of species (including extinction), and any display demonstrating the fit are surviving? If the fit see fit to mess with climate, why should they be stopped? Won’t species adapt?

What is the oldest species? What is the youngest? When was it sponteously produced, and why?

Is it possible to speak of evolution without using the words “made”, “produced”, “created”?

Is mathematics—specifically geometry—proof there is meaning and order in the universe? Where did math come from, and why?

Can you prove love exists?

Why don’t I like Greek food?

What are the inherent, important differences between males and females? What is perceived as an important difference, but really isn’t?

What is perceived as a similarity between males and females, but really isn’t?

Are males being ignored or denigrated in our society as the result of hypersensitivity toward girls being “left out” for so long?

What does a society of weak men look like?

What does a society of weak women look like?

Why are people threatened by gender roles or the possibility that genders are different?

Why are feminists threatened by the choices of other women?

Why do traditional women feel threatened by feminism?

Are public schools actively trying to undermine parental authority? Is there a hidden agenda? What is it?

Do people who homeschool share the blame regarding the decline of quality, free, public education?

Under what form of government over the course of history have people led the happiest lives? How do you define happy? Is one person’s “happy” another person’s “miserable”? If all one has known is totalitarian rule, is there something inside that tells one there is a different way?

Could World War II have ended through sheer diplomacy if efforts were made earlier in the war? Or was it inevitable? How do you decide which wars are justified and which are not? What criteria, i.e. “hoops” must be jumped through to justify war?

Is the main stream media biased? Is it possible for a journalist to be 100% unbiased or impartial? Do we want them to be?

Do my rights end where your rights begin? Do we have the right to be happy? Do we have the right to have free healthcare? Do we have the right to have free food, clothing, and shelter—since those are necessities.

Should sixteen year olds of astonishing intellect be allowed to vote? Should adults with poor reasoning and life skills be allowed to vote? Who would determine such a thing?

Is “majority rule” an outdated idea?

Why are the people who brag about how tolerant they are often the most intolerant people? If one person is mad at another for being “intolerant” aren’t they being intolerant? Is tolerance today’s piousness?

When adults realize how romance does not equal love, why do thy perpetuate the idea, especially in media the young and naive are likely to watch?

Do people who enjoy or participate in p0rn mind when their daughters and sons end up in the business?

Is Islamofascism a real threat, and what would most Americans do if directly confronted by a physical invasion of our borders? Do Americans have the fortitude, ability, and equipment to fight or would we roll over and surrender?

Is the United States dying? Already dead? Thriving?

(originally posted on June 4, 2007 and reposted today because I still don’t know the answers)

6 comments to Questions I (still) have

  • bro-de-mopsy

    All good food for thought, to be sure.

  • All the answers to these are easy. Except I just can’t understand how you don’t like Greek food.


  • Ok the Greek food one was a little bit “higher grade” for me!!! My question is this… in an entire world where the average number of kids in a home is 2.something (or so) ie the ratio of kids to parents is a little higher… Why do they make kids toothpaste in itty bitty tubes and adult tubes are so big… Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Why can’t we get “Colgate glitter” in a by bulk and save package – I ask this every month when I buy one tube for the adults and goodness knows how many tubes for the kids.

  • Shayne

    All very good questions. These 2 in particular have baffled me since I first became a mother:

    Why do women care how other women give birth?

    Why do women care how other women chose to feed their babies?

    I’ve never understood the belief that there is a single right or wrong way to do either of these things. What worked for me may not work for you. And goodness knows what worked for one of my kids was not the same as what worked for the other one!

  • I don’t know HOW you don’t like Greek food.

    One question I don’t expect to know the answer to until I can ask God in person: Mosquitoes…WHY?

  • Still fitting for today.

    If only there was a way we could all do what was best for our own families and have that be the final and perfect answer.


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