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Pour yourself out for the hungry

Hello, friends.

I wanted to give a quick update regarding the gift card project. Last night, we added a ChipIn widget at the top of the left sidebar if you’d prefer to help out that way. I’ll consult with Cathy and we’ll use the money to buy cards. The campaign will end on September 15th so they’ll be able to distribute them on September 17th.

Also, local friends who have toiletry items, clothes, and non-perishable packed lunches can connect with me or Cathy.

What is this gift card project, anyway?


2 comments to Pour yourself out for the hungry

  • Love this, friend. So glad we have a way to help.

  • Shayne

    Awesome! I will contribute this way. I had hoped to buy some cards to send you over the long weekend, but ended up spending the weekend dealing with water damage to our house caused by an air conditioner malfunction. Thank you for providing a convenient way for folks to contribute from afar!

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