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…people like lists (vol. 8)

1. S’mores Bars! I made them a few days ago and they were awesome. Easy, too. No campfire needed. The recipe is here. I am craving all-things s’more lately, so if you have a s’more-like recipe or food you’ve spied at the store, tell me about it.

2. I love this very short news reel from the 1930s. Several fashion designers speculated what women would be wearing in the year 2000. The third example is actually wearable, aside from the climate control electric belt. The shoes are really cute. Oooo, swish! says the breathless announcer. (my dumb blog won’t embed video no matter what I do…)

3. I’ve established I don’t like the Huggies faux denim diapers. I like the Pamper’s Cynthia Rowley-designed diapers, though. I won’t be buying them for Mr. Baby because I refuse to spend significantly more money for paper madras, however cute. It’s interesting that disposable diapers are trying to look more like cloth diapers these days.

4. Speaking of babies, Mr. Baby still has no name. Unfortunately, some of my favorite names are also Sesame Street characters and cast members. I like Oscar, Alistair (think Alistair Cookie), Miles, Earnest (nickname Ernie). I can’t get past Elmo, but I have the feeling if Elmo were not Elmo, then it would rank in the Milo/Arlo category I dig. And then I’d admit I like it. But I won’t. You can’t make me.

5. Adorable blog alert: Mila’s Daydreams. A mom imagines what her baby girl is dreaming, then fills in the blanks with props. It’s charming and creative. Her daughter will treasure the photos someday. You can ooh and aah and swoon over them now. My favorite is Surfer Girl from June 26th. (found via Blessed Among Men)

6. How to quickly peel a hard boiled egg. It seems do-able, but it has also made me a bit paranoid. The next time I eat egg salad or deviled eggs away from home, I will wonder if they were prepared by someone who has seen, and adopted, the method in this video.

11 comments to …people like lists (vol. 8)

  • I just peeled a whole pot of boiled eggs. The kids beg for them every morning. That video is a HOOT! So funny- I linked to the video we were watching last night from way back-

    I have a friend with an Alister. He is a DOLL. Love that name so much.

    .-= Adventures In Babywearing´s last blog inspired =-.

  • I will definitely try the s’more bars. Whenever I need a s’more fix, I make them in my microwave. The marshmallows don’t get toasty, but it’s a decent substitute for the real wood-fired thing.

    And that Mila’s Daydreams site is beautiful. It made me gasp. What art. (How does she keep the baby sleeping as she creates the vignettes around her?)
    .-= Kelly @ Love Well´s last blog ..Nine Years =-.

  • Gretchen von Lifenut

    Steph—that video was hilarious! Solid!

    Kelly—I make microwave s’mores, too. The nice thing about the bars is getting the toasted marshmallow flavor for a change. Quick tip: They were hard to cut, but a pizza cutting wheel finally did the trick. I think it was the chocolate hardening in the fridge…

  • Have you tried Indoor S’mores? They are made from Golden Grahams. I had some years ago, but I liked them –

    I love your kid’s names and can’t wait to hear what you decide on. We’re in search mode for some names, so I extra love hearing what people are considering/settling on.
    .-= Anonymouse´s last blog ..xoxo =-.

  • Three cheers for babies who still don’t have names! They get named eventually, though, don’t they? Love your names. Perhaps you can pass me some of the girls names you didn’t get to use. We’re stuck.

    Can you believe that my children don’t like s’mores?! It’s outrageous. We even have the actual campfire pit to use every night, and still they refuse. They like the ingredients separately, but not together. Crazy kids.

  • Archie and Ernie seem to go together well. I could see past Ernie on Sesame Street. That s’mores recipe looks yummy! IF I can remember to buy ingredients at the store, I will for sure make them. Those diapers are pretty but remember they still hold poop. Maybe if they came out with a diaper with a magic smell releasing system…
    .-= Kristin´s last blog of conciousness =-.

  • Gretchen von Lifenut

    Anonymouse—The Golden Grahams recipe looks easier than the s’mores bar. I’ll have to give it a whirl one of these days.

    Stephanie—I liked the suggestions you left at FB. Someone else mentioned Adele, which I think is super cute and goes so well with Sydney and Jules. And they don’t like s’mores? Silly rabbits!

    Kristin—Archie and Ernie do go together. But then I picture telling someone his name is Ernie and I see the look on the person’s face. Why should I care what the old lady at the grocery store thinks? I LIKE the name, but even I think it’s a little nutty. I just had an idea for a diaper. If they can make kitty litter with the little capsules that neutralize odor, they can certainly embed some in a diaper. Maybe lavender or vanilla? Orange blossom? Cake batter?

  • cake batter and turds.


    I like Alistair, probably because I have a crush on Alistair Beggs. Ernie is great. Something tells me you’ve ruled out all of the names you have shared with us…it’s always a fun surprise with you! 😉

  • I do so enjoy lists!

    #3 – I KNOW, right? I think cloth still wins easily in the cuteness arena.

    #4 – So are you open to suggestions? Thoughts – Oliver, Harris, Atticus . . . I have to say I think Miles/Milo would be a perfect fit with the rest of your perfectly-named children. Can’t wait to hear what y’all decide on!
    .-= Megan@SortaCrunchy´s last blog ..Four Fun Ways to Practice Playful Parenting =-.

  • I love those names! I like Earnest because it reminds me of “The Importance of Being Earnest” and I love that you suggested Adele to someone else. Adele was our #1 choice if this had been a girl, though I am weird and decided it was too close to Alice because they are both variants of the root Adelheid and anyway this is a boy and… uh, where was I? I hope you’re feeling well. Can’t wait to see that boy. Maybe we will have birthday twins.

  • edj

    I love Ernest! My dad’s name! I want you to use that one. I also love Alistair! My cousin’s name! I don’t think people will think Alistair Cookie.
    None of our kids were named till 2 days old. Donn and I have radically opposed taste when it comes to naming babies. We could never have done 8.

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