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…people like lists (vol. 11)

1. Last night, we made a massive chocolate chip cookie in a cast iron skillet. It was probably the best cookie I’ve ever had. I say that knowing part of it could be the novelty of the idea. Part of it could be how it emerged from the oven, molten, gooey, golden, rich, fragrant, the perfect bed for a scoop of vanilla ice cream. I found the recipe via Amy at shouting for ha, who found it here.

2. Speaking of chocolate, I made these brownies for a going-away party for my friend who is moving. Every woman at the party asked who was responsible for the brownies. Me and Duncan Hines and Mr. Milton Hershey and a Kenmore Oven and a Pyrex baking dish and Sarah at Clover Lane. One lady said they were like crack. The lowdown on these brownies: 3 ginormous Symphony bars layered inside brownie batter and baked.

3. Speaking of chocolate: Eat it now. Stockpile canisters of cocoa. Freeze bars and chips. Hoard it in your attics and cellars. The day of reckoning is nigh. Will there be a chocolate drought? According to this article, the world’s supply of sustainable cocoa could be wiped out by 2014.

4. Xanadu is going to be on Netflix Instant starting February 1st. It’s pure 80s awesome-everything. It’s a pretty terrible movie, but the songs, the clothes, the rollerskating—every detail captured that time perfectly.

5. This guy is eating solids now. He’s on the small side, so per doctor’s recommendation, he’s a spoonbaby:

6. I am going to make this craft soon. It’s perfect for the time when winter and spring overlap. The bare branches, but bright colors, nod in the direction of sunnier months ahead. The only problem: finding what we’ll call “kitty cat branches.” I’m not typing the name here because I don’t want to attract the wrong kind of search…

9 comments to …people like lists (vol. 11)

  • The cookie. The cookie! I can’t get it out of my head. Also, what a cute craft! Gonna have to make that too, except it’s much less yummy.

  • You make such cute babies!!! He is simply adorable!!! ANd no ways will the world run out of chocolate – I am getting my inventor/environmentalist to work on this as his summer project… SAVE THE CHOCOLATE FORESTS. Love your wonderful list!!!

  • I think you can find “kitty willow” branches at Michaels in their floral dept. Worst case scenario, a florist.

  • Amy

    I made the cookie this weekend too. It was gone in approximately three minutes. I have to agree… it is quite possibly the best cookie I have ever had. Just thinking about it has my mouth watering for more.

    My waistline is in serious trouble.

  • I bookmarked that skillet cookie the other night when you tweeted it. Can’t wait to try it out while there’s still cocoa!

    Maybe I’ll dig in while watching Xanadu. And, by the way, thanks for the earworm.

  • Those brownies are definitely going on my “to try” list!

    Another good brownie mix/candy combo is to bake the brownie mix, taking it out of the oven when it has about 5 min to go. Top it with a bunch of peppermint patty candies & finish baking. You can swirl the candies with a knife when finished baking.

  • I’ve been munching on chocolate chips all morning, and I suspect a better use for them would be to make that chocolate chip cookie. Then I could share the sweetness 🙂
    And speaking of sweetness, oh Teddy! He’s the most adorable little spoonbaby I ever did see!

  • Oh WOW! I absolutely LOVE that craft!

    And that is the best baby photo I have seen in a long time. Your children are just beautiful 🙂

  • Surprise surprise I learned of this brownie recipe recently from a non-blogger! And oh my goodness. Why hadn’t I thought of it first??


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