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This past Monday, the kids and I travelled to Grand Junction for a brief getaway to my parents’ house. It is a short 250 miles over sublime mountain passes, arid tumbleweed-infested expanses, redrock canyons, and fertile green valleys.

We moved there from Denver when I was six. My parents have lived in the same house for 30 years. The kids love visiting.

One morning we were getting ready to do Grand Junctiony things. Ryley asked, “How many times have you been here?”

If you lived under one roof for thousands of days, how many times have you been there?

It was good to get away for a few days. I love stacking miles upon miles. I love hearing the kids in the backseats as they count waterfalls and tunnels. I love how they claim to spot bears lurking deep in the evergreen woods. They wave at Colorado river rafters: “Those people are crazy!” the kids agree.

Some may think I am too, loading six kids into a Suburban to take off on a little roadtrip by myself. My husband had to work, the kids wanted to go. I have a driver’s license and occasionally like to use it for more than making circles to Target and Chik-fil-a and home and Target. So off we went, bound for my childhood home with my children, eager to visit again.

Here are some pictures, taken in my parents’ backyard:







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  • Amazing pictures. I especially like the zinnias with the light coming through. What a blessing and a comfort it is to have a childhood home to return to.

  • Lovely pictures. I wish I lived close enough to my parents to visit more often.

  • You are quite the photog, Mopsy.

    Gorgeous. Love, love, LOVE the snail.

  • These pictures are perfect, and so is your story! My boys loved watching for waterfalls as we drove through the mountains.

    I thought of you tonight as I finished knitting a sweater while watching Miss Potter. Have you seen it yet? Delightful!!!! : )


  • love the pictures and your comment about your driver’s license. sometimes when i escape for the day with my kids and no husband i sort of feel like i’m doing something crazy, almost illegal, as if i’m not old enough to be on the loose with 3 kids and a vehicle.

    hope you enjoyed your day!

  • amy

    we’re here now. loving it. we keep missing you by a day. . .love the tutu.

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