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Old dog

Ryley: I am so full!

Me, noting his plate: Full? But you didn’t eat. You just pushed your food around your plate to make it look like you ate. That’s the oldest trick in the book!

Aidan: So, what’s the newest trick in the book?

I wracked by brain all night trying to think of an answer. What is the newest trick in the book? So new, it isn’t even in the book…maybe it’s just barely made the pamphlet.

What is it?

4 comments to Old dog

  • That is so funny! It reminded me of nephew who was eating at his grandparents home. After dinner there was a pile of food under his chair. What he didn’t realize is he had 2 big dogs at home who ate the evidence. The grandparents didn’t. What was funny is that his parents had no idea he’d been tossing food under his chair until that visit.

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  • Sister-of-mopsy

    Your Neece has stating she suffers from a rare case ‘Meat Loaf Intolerance’ and if she ate it she would develop a contagious meat loaf shaped rash that would keep her out of school for a week which would require an excuse from a Meat Loaf Specialist only to be found wherever Meat Loaf comes from. She stated, “I think that’s in Romania”.

  • This one is nasty: I used to chew my peas up, then spit them back into my milk. I would then pretend to finish up my milk as I walked to the sink where I would slyly dump it. Pointless, of course, since I’d already tasted and chewed; swallowing is the easy part. I remember another time I carefully stashed peas in my napkin in my lap, then slipped outside to bury them in the backyard after dinner. I really didn’t like peas.

    Inkling’s last blog post..A relic.

  • Newest trick in the “Not Eating” excuse book?

    “I’ve think I’ve got celiac disease – sorry, no gluten for me.”

    And oh Inkling, you are so sly. Wish I’d thought of that.

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