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“No problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking.” ~Voltaire

Last night at dinner, Joel (age 3) said, “Mommy, are you finkin what I’m finkin?”

I did a quick inventory: the Christmas cards need to be done will the baby sleep through dinner does Ryley have homework did Aidan find her gloves for caroling with the Girl Scouts mmmmmm tater tots are good with huevos rancheros I’m so glad I found the good green chili with pork gotta get those packages in the mail tomorrow and the Christmas letter really needs to be written pronto where should I get the photos printed this year should I use the picture I took on Joel’s birthday or try to take a different photo Lee said he needed to get work done tonight are we going to have time to watch last week’s “Amazing Race” would it be fair with Aidan gone all evening how many pizzas should we get for Thursday night should I ask Nini to bring drinks is Tommy going to eat his eggs we should do more to observe Advent I need to call the pediatrician tomorrow to reschedule Beatrix’s four-month-checkup what packages still need to be delivered to our house Sam needs lunch money and notebook money should I write a check or do I trust him with cash did I turn off all the burners on the stove is the dryer still running HEY he almost spilled his milk did Aidan feed the dog before she left the kids probably don’t need to wear their boots to school tomorrow because the snow on the field has melted when is their Christmas party and which kid’s class did I sign up to help with put Scotch Tape on the grocery list I hope I can find my good scissors mmmmm huevos rancheros.


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